Payroll Accounting - Precisely, with great responsibility

Payroll Accounting - Precisely, responsibly

Through our payroll accounting service, we offer modern, efficient and safe solutions for our clients. During our cooperation, besides the complex fulfillment of payroll accounting tasks, we also provide high level professional support.

Why choose us?

  • we have 30 years of experience in the fulfillment of complex payroll accounting tasks
  • we provide on-site service and dedicated communication - even in foreign languages - with personalized customer service
  • we apply modern, paper-free, self-servicing software solutions (e-timesheets, e-billing, e-cafeteria)
  • we provide online connection to our clients
  • we have our own development team
  • we offer cost efficient solutions

Advantages of outsourcing payroll accounting tasks

  • you can save time and money, because you don’t need to take care of operational costs and related tasks
  • you have time to focus on your main operations, thus increasing your efficiency
  • the administrative burden on your company will decrease, your costs will be more transparent
  • instead of a fixed cost, you can calculate a service fee proportionate to the number of employees
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