3rd country workforce

3rd country workforce

WHC teams have the advantage of knowledge and understanding of the local markets when it comes to recruiting local workforce, which we can effectively and legally provide to our partners in Slovakia.

Once we receive an order from our partners in Slovakia, we start the process by contacting our WHC Group subsidiaries in Ukraine, Serbia or the Balkan region. We also have recruitment partners in Kazakhstan and Indonesia. Based on our order, they will arrange recruitment in those countries. They also provide all the necessary legal and administrative documents for foreign workers to enter Slovakia legally. After selecting the appropriate workforce, we start the process of entry into the Slovak market by providing all the necessary legal and administrative tasks. At the end of a successful administrative process, the 3rd country workers will be ready to join your company.

As part of our services, we provide:

  • recruitment according to predefined requirements
  • transfer of staff to the place of work
  • interpreter/coordinator
  • translation of necessary documents
  • accommodation
  • arranging work permits
  • medical check-ups
  • PPE
  • necessary training
  • and others according to the clients' requirements


  • advertising
  • recruitment
  • initial selection
  • personal interviews
  • suitable candidates
  • onboarding

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